When every day is your birthday

One of my absolute favourite things ever is the carefree nature of children.  I adore the way how they are themselves without any second thought of what anyone might think of them.  Their innocent confidence, their ability to love with no concern, the way they believe without a doubt, and their fearless faith;  it all makes me stop still in my tracks, contemplate my life and admire them for being them.


Almost every day my son will pretend it’s his birthday or my birthday or his sister’s birthday, or anyone else who is lucky enough to be in his vicinity to get chosen for having a birthday.  He will make us sing ‘Happy Birthday’ make a pretend cake, blow out the candles, unwrap a present and eat your cake of course (usually cookie monster style, a nice trait of eating my husband kindly introduced to our children and is very proud of I should add).  All the while, even if it’s the 8th time you have done the birthday saga that day, each time is just as exciting as the first and that’s what I’ve come to cherish closely.  That the most simplest of things in every single day make them so excited and zealous for life.  It’s beautiful to watch and even more beautiful to partake in.

We had a family day the other day and my husband and I literally spent the day playing with our children and pretty much acting like them.  Playing hide and seek, duck duck goose, digging in the sand, swinging on the swings, racing each other, playing monsters and being completely childish.  I’m not sure how or when childish became such a bad word to call someone because that’s exactly what we were and it was the best day ever.

So here is a challenge for all of us – be like a child again.  Of course we have things like responsibilities, pressures, decisions to make, and bills – oh glorious bills!  Do you think that tackling life like a child does, you know, with a no fear, no limits, everything is possible, no worries (literally), everything is fun, trusting with no doubts, not complicating things, not overthinking, believing with outrageous faith, keeping it simple, not being afraid to just be, kind of attitude can change the way we live?

I know children can teach us all sorts of things like patience (or at least test it, yea?), how to survive on two hours sleep, extreme multitasking, improvisation, and calming potential war zones.  But I realize they can teach us so much more than that – something invaluable.  How to live with child-like faith, how to live a juicy life full of zeal and joy in everything, including the most simple things.  Maybe they can simply remind us of how we started, how good it was and how we don’t have to lose that completely.  Ok, so perhaps keep your maturity …but maybe, just maybe, we should go back to our childish ways in this – lose the fear, the questioning and reasoning, the doubt and over complication of things, and take back the joy of waking up every day (even before the sun is up!), the endless possibilities that lie in front of us, the dreams, believing with that pure and precious child-like faith,  embracing what we hold (even if it’s pretend cake), being wild, and free and daring to simply be ourselves, and I mean exactly that – simply, and full of faith.