A bit of Monday Wonderhubby Swank

I so often write about our children and the life of being a parent and hardly ever about my husband, so here’s a bit of a change.  If there has been any day lately where my wonderhubby deserves honour and a big pat on the back, it’s today.

Over the past couple of months we have had to deal with an extremely difficult customer in our new business and to say the least, it’s been pretty rough and a little stressful!  So here comes the husband swank…


After a plentyful amount of phone calls to this customer, where Nic has been abused, accused of ridiculous things that hold no truth, been yelled at, hung up on practically every call and threatened with being sent to court and having a bad name spread around the town, not once was he anything but polite, patient and completely respectful.  He never snapped back, fought back or cut into the on-going rants of the customer.  The service he gave them was completely above and beyond what was legally required of him.

While that’s all very nice, the best part was today.  After more phone calls, rants and being hung up this morning, Nic graciously took the customers car in to them to take them for a test drive with him.  More accusations were hurled at him on the test drive and the meeting didn’t really have the outcome that was true and fair on him, but despite this, before leaving the customer’s place, Nic got out of our car just as we were about to drive off, and opened the customer’s (who was hobbling around) gate for them to drive through and park their car.  He then insisted on staying around till the customer was finished so he could shut it for them.  They didn’t want him to shut it, so he got back in our car and as we drove away he said, “I’m so happy.”  ??????  I was so furious at this person when we drove away!  I don’t know that I have seen anyone show so much respect and integrity while being so humble, ever.  I was completely put to shame because my thoughts and words were quite the opposite of his disposition and attitude.

I’ve watched so many times over the past years where he has copped a bit of flack from various others and he’s never flared up or bitten back.  I remember asking him once why he doesn’t just have a go back at them and his immediate reply was, “I just don’t see the point of starting or fueling an arguement, it’s not helpful to anyone.”  I actually think that shows more backbone than actually having a go back at someone.  So there, husband honour where husband honour is totally due.  I love him more than words and every day he completely amazes me by being him, loving in the face of adversity and always, always, seeing the best in others.  If I can be like him one day, well, I’ll have to work on it, but I sure hope I catch his outrageous vibe of love and humility.

While we sure have learnt a lot of lessons to do with our business and dealing with customers through this experience, the most valuable and important lesson I learnt was today.  Watching my husband do what he did, taught me more than I thought it ever could…he showed me what it is to love, honour and respect others while they are smooshing cow pats in your face and treating you harshly.  Today, his actions spoke much louder than any words could ever have.

Love you wonderhubby! Xxxo

Dance With Me…

I can think of plenty of words to describe being a parent but the one that seems to describe me as a Mum so much lately is ‘busy’.  Every day, there is so much to do and I don’t know if i could even fathom being bored ever again.  Plenty of you relate, I just know it!

So the other day when my beautiful, boystrous, brown-eyed three year old literally grabbed me around my middle, latched onto my right hand with his left hand, while I was in the middle of rushing around the house busily doing something (who knows what it was) and said the most heart melting words that stopped me still in my tracks, “Mummy, dance with me”, it changed how I want to do ‘busy’ for the rest of my life.  All of me wanted to stop and soak up that very moment for all it’s precious worth, but the new part of me that seemingly instantly grew the moment I gave birth to my boy – the part that continuously lists off jobs that i need to do – told me I didn’t have time, I had to finish what i was doing so I could get on with the next thing.


I’m so glad I stopped still, relaxed, pushed my entire list of jobs out of thought, put my hand on my little boy’s shoulder as instructed by him, and danced the most breathtaking waltz I’ve ever danced.  That precious moment is written on my heart forever, and all because the fact is, that business, jobs and to-do lists don’t even compare to moments like this and time with my children.

I would hate seeing my children grow up, and regret the times I was too busy to spend with them, to colour in, to build houses, to kick a ball, play hide and seek, make forts, sing songs, read stories, listen to their secrets and of course, dance.  Making the time to just be in amongst all there is to do each day is one of the most important things we as parents can do.  There will always be things to do – that will never change – but these beautiful little people will all too soon grow up and these days will be a memory.  I only hope that the memory will not be of jobs, exhaustion and all the things I had to DO, but that it will be of all the fun and silly things we did together, the games we played, the stories we shared, the times we stopped and danced and simply enjoyed being.  At the beginning of each and every day, that is one thing we can put at the very top of our to-do lists…’Enjoy stopping and just be.’

Rather than thinking of myself as busy I’d rather think that I’m full, and the best thing about being full is that you can always overflow and make room for the things that really matter 🙂